gem5-X: a gem5-based full-system simulator with architectural eXtensions

Project/Tool scope:

gem5-X stands for a gem5-based full-system simulator with architectural eXtensions. gem5-X is a gem5-based simulator that allows architectural exploration and optimization of heterogeneous systems. But at the same time, it is also a new methodology for the optimization of heterogeneous systems. First, gem5-X is equipped in-simulator with the gperf profiler, which allows to identify application bottlenecks. Once bottlenecks have been identified, gem5-X allows evaluate the potential benefits of advanced architectural extensions such as in-cache computing and 3D stacked High Bandwidth Memory.

The performance results of our tuned gem5-X models have been validated against an ARMv8 JUNO board, obtaining an error below 4% when comparing the execution time of the simulator with the real one on the JUNO board.

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Usage of gem5-X

gem5-X is the result of our goal to build a framework that enables architectural exploration of current state-of-the-art processors, such as ARMv8 in-order and Out-of-Order architectures. One of the main achievements of gem5-X is that it provides a full working environment around the gem5 simulator, together with a set of models validated against real hardware, as well as enhancements that enable easier and faster development.

The primary intended users of gem5-X are computer architects that want to test architectural extensions on a full system which comprises an operating system (i.e., what in gem5 is named full-system mode) both from academia and industry. We provide researchers with a working and validated environment and setup, to ease the steep learning curve of gem5, providing them with a working out-of-the-box starting point for their experiments. The gem5-X framework is an open-source project, and its main authors would really like to get the computer architecture community engaged and contributing to the project. We believe that having a simulator that allows testing novel architectural extensions from the application level perspective provides a lot of value to the community and bridges the gap between the real application requirements and constraints and the architecture.


The gem5-X Project Team

Downloading and using gem5-X

Gem5-X is available open-source on Github. You can find here all details on how to install it and use it:

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